Only £4.99/extension or user per month with no contract

Having the business VoIP phone system is the step in right direction.It will not  only save you money on call charges and line rental but it will also help to answer the calls more efficiently and from different locations if required. 

Following are the few benefit you will achieve by switching to us:

  • Save money
  • Work anywhere
  • More satisfied customers
  • No need to pay form maintenance 
  • Use mobile or computer as anextension
  • Add more phone numbers for different cities even countries

Your new phone system will the professionally configured and tested by our support team  and if you require any new or changes in configuration, you can always call us to do that for you free of any charges and on top of that to welcome you , we will professionally record one voice prompt for your auto attendant.

As there is no binding contract between us, you can leave us whenever we are not up to your expectations and we will help you in move to new provider.

Cost and Features


we got a very simple billing structure no hidden charges or binding contract

1-5    exits/users     £4.99/ext/month 

10-20 exte/users  £3.99/ext/month

Call charges:

UK landline  1 pence/min
UK mobile    4 pence/min
Ext to Ext      0 pence/min

All prices are ex.VAT


Call transfer between extension

Call pick from any extension

Voicemail with each extension

Voicemail to email

Virtual receptionist